Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway

In 2008 the State of Maine designated the section of Route 11 from Medway to the North Entrance to Baxter State Park as a Scenic Byway. A temporary name was given "Grindstone Scenic Byway" to the newly designated road. The road from Medway to the South Entrance to Baxter State park was added to the Grindstone Scenic Byway. A grant was successfully applied for by Eastern Maine Development Commission to create a business plan for the Byway. From January of 2011 to the present citizens and local businesses have met to help create this plan. During that time a steering committee has been formed to help run the Byway. Another committee ahs been formed which includes UVEC, to write grants to help fund the proejct. More citizens are needed to join the steering committee. Please see the links in the next columun.  In April of 2012 the Grindstone Scenic Byway was renamed to Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway. Please explore the links provided here to find out more about this project and how you can be involved in managing the Byway.

We have a plan! Play the Scenic Byway Plan news video! Our group has worked for the past year to develop a plan for the Grindstone Scenic Byway. Over 100 people participated in the process representing a range of local and regional interests, with a core team of about 20 (the Corridor Advocacy Group) doing most of the work. The planning process was managed by Eastern Maine Development Corporation with assistance from PlaceWorks Consulting. The process was funded by the Maine Department of Transportation through its Scenic Byways Program. The plan considers six “Intrinsic Qualities” categories associated with the area: natural, scenic, recreational, historical, cultural, and archaeological. It provides an assessment of market opportunities associated with those qualities, and lays out a number of strategies for attracting visitors through creative and sustainable use of local resources. Note: The group understands that tourism represents only one part of the local economy and advocates tourism development approaches that do not diminish regional capacity to generate economic returns through other sustainable resource use, including specifically timber harvesting. The Partnership has been formed to implement a number of high priority projects listed in the plan, and to undertake other activities that enhance the visitor experience in the greater Katahdin area. Per the plan, the Partnership is committed to working across normal geographic and sector boundaries to achieve the goal of regional prosperity.

Links to the Byway for more information: